Greetings From The Pastor


Thank  you for taking a closer look at Big Cove Presbyterian Church.  We are a diverse group of Presbyterians who laugh, and learn, and eat, and enjoy serving God and one another. Nestled in the hills of northern Alabama, we embrace the grace offered to us by our risen Lord, we serve the Creator of the entire cosmos, and we appreciate the constancy of the Spirit who journeys alongside us. 
We celebrate and honor God twice each Sunday morning.  Our “First Light” worship begins at 9:00 a.m. and includes praise music and a relaxed style.  The traditional service at 11:00 am includes our Chancel choir and a welcoming atmosphere for guests and members alike. Sunday school classes and a min-choir rehearsal for all ages begin at 10:00.
We are a broken, but loved group of Christians who are looking forward to what God has in store, and we hope you’ll come and join our adventure to learn how marvelous the mighty Sovereign truly is. 
We wish you all God’s blessings!
Candice L Klein