Greetings From The Pastor

God’s Peace and Blessings to all who come across this site! Ministry and worship with Big Cove Presbyterian Church are a real blessing. Our congregation is a warm, inclusive, caring Body of Christ, constantly working toward growth and service to the greater Cove Community.

Our Christian walk does not end in this life. We are all on a journey toward completion, found in new and eternal life with Christ and with the communion of saints, those people who have gone before us and will come after us.  As we travel together, a supportive, nurturing community is essential for service, for education, for transformation, for support, and for worship. At Big Cove Church, our tradition has been to include anyone who wants to be a part of our congregation—young or old, single or married, widowed or divorced, actively parenting or empty-nesters–and who wants to discover the richness of a life lived in Christ. We believe that Christ loves you (and us!) as you are, where you are. We are all equals here, all pilgrims on the journey, supporting each other as we follow Christ’s command to love one another.  We invite you to come join us on the journey!

Feel free to join our Sunday Worship services, Wednesday Evening and Saturday morning Bible studies, and our two Prayer Groups that meet on Thursday mornings and Monday evenings. Many other opportunities and events are listed on the web site. Please come visit us, see who we are, and walk with us into the future.

We’re waiting for you!