Who We Are

Big Cove Church’s Vision is “To Be Disciples Who Make Disciples!”
Big Cove Church’s Mission Statement is “Let Us Work for the Good of All!”

 At Big Cove Church, we are a community of Christians (people who try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and who believe in resurrection). We are united with the Presbyterian (USA) churches which compose the mainstream, original Presbyterian denomination in America.

We celebrate the two sacraments instituted by Christ in Scripture: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  Baptism unites us with Jesus Christ and makes us members of God’s family, the Church; and the Lord’s Supper reminds us of who we are and whose we are.  The table is open to all who desire to know Christ.

What We Believe About Worship*

…We assert that the theology and practice of worship must be based on the Bible — the book we share with all Christians… we might also think of it as a bridge: a resource for finding common ground.

Jesus is the Word of God — present at the dawning of creation, made flesh to dwell among us, coming again in glory to reign. This same Word is revealed to us in the witness of Scripture and made known to us in the breaking of the bread. Because of our emphasis on Jesus as the Word of God, Presbyterians take preaching seriously — along with personal study of Scripture, rigorous theological education for leaders and deep Christian formation for all.

Worship begins with the gathering of the people of God as the body of Christ — to sing thanks and praise, to confess our sin, to seek the grace of God on which our lives depend. Historically, Reformed Christians have insisted that we do these things together — as one people, with one voice, in one place. This is not because we are disinterested in personal piety or individual expressions of faith. Rather, it has to do with the high value we place on the church as a community of “faith, hope, love, and witness” (Presbyterian Book of Order, F-1.0301)… Given this accent on worship as the “work of the people”, …participation in worship is best understood as a communal action — the whole body of Christ together in prayer… whatever we might be singing, saying or doing at any given moment in a service of worship…

The life of Christ’s church depends on the faithful preaching and reception of the gospel… Hearing becomes preaching again, as we are called to go forth to share good news…

… Presbyterians are beginning to appreciate the meaning and mystery of the sacraments in fresh, new ways. Congregations are rediscovering the baptismal font — a sign of new life and hope, cleansing and pardon, belonging and believing, welcome and rebirth… we believe that Christ is truly present when we share communion — present by the mysterious power of the Holy Spirit… remembering the primary purpose of the “family table”— a place for regular nourishment in Christ, renewal in the life of the Spirit, remembering God’s promises and giving thanks for God’s grace. Accordingly, Presbyterians are finding more opportunities to reaffirm the covenant of Baptism in worship, and to celebrate the Lord’s Supper as an integral part of the Service…

Worship ends with the sending of the church to share Christ’s mission in the world — but, of course, worship doesn’t really end there. We understand all of Christian life to be worship and service for the glory of God. Worship spills over and flows outward — from the sanctuary into the streets — as our service of God continues in the world.

Each time we come to worship — to encounter the living God, to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, to feel the movement of the Holy Spirit — we are called to repent and be made new. This is true of individuals and of the church as a whole…we return, again and again, to the place where we begin — the words of Scripture, the witness of the Confessions and the wisdom of the universal church — always listening for the leading of the Spirit, discerning the mind of Christ together…

*The above paragraphs are excerpts from the article “Reformed Worship Is…” by David Gambrell, posted on “The Presbyterian Outlook”, October 27, 2015. http://pres-outlook.org/2015/10/reformed-worship-is/ Portions reprinted here with permission from the publisher. Also available via facebook.com/presbyterian.outlook

In our church family at Big Cove we additionally affirm “the priesthood of all believers.”  Children, youth, men, and women are all encouraged to participate in every area – worship, government and ministry – as  demonstrated by Jesus himself.

To become a member of the church, one enters a covenant relationship, a two-way partnership built on trust, belief, and shared ministry. One must profess a belief and trust in Jesus Christ and be baptized.  We recognize baptisms from other denominations and do not re-baptize.

Our congregation is a casual, informal mix of young and old, “cradle-born Presbyterians” and people new to the faith, Democrats, Libertarians, and Republicans, engineers and homemakers, married couples and single/divorced people, and is open to anyone seeking to know the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Most importantly, we want you to know that Jesus loves you and wants to be in a relationship with you, as you are, where you are.