Mid 1800s Big Cove Cumberland Presbyterian Church is established.

1906 Session votes to unite with the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America
1911 Current white church is built, across the road from the original location of the old church.
1950 Big Cove joins eight other churches to form the Madison-Limestone Larger Parish, with church services twice monthly
1963 Creation of Madison Larger Parish, consisting of Big Cove, Madison Cross Roads, and New Market United Presbyterian Churches. The Rev. Washio Ishii called as pastor to all three churches.
1985 Big Cove becomes independent and calls The Rev. Ishii as pastor.
1989 The Rev. Washio Ishii retires.
2002 The Rev. Skip Babcock, longtime supply pastor, retires.
2002 North Alabama Presbytery calls Commissioned Ruling Elder Rosemary McMahan to serve Big Cove Church.
2005 Rev. Houston Hodges (honorably retired) offers his services as Parish Associate.
2006 Second service, First Light, begins with weekly communion, guitar music, and Power Point presentations.
2006 Big Cove applies for, and receives, a grant for redevelopment.
2007 Big Cove becomes dual campus, with First Light Worship Center at new location and traditional worship at the church.
2010 Two campuses reunite and building plans and process begin.
2011 Capital Campaign succeeds.
2012 New building is completed.
2013 Begin planning for next phase.

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