Christian Education

Christian Exploration comes in various forms at Big Cove Church for children, youth, and adults.

Why “exploration”? Because our spiritual journeys always involve investigating, discussing, and learning something new! Questions about any of these opportunities may be addressed to the pastor. Please note that we give our teachers a breather during the summer months so we do not meet June, July and August.

Children and Youth
At Big Cove Church, everyone knows your child’s name!

Rally Day Kick-Off in September always begins our Christian Exploration program.  This year, we are using the One Room School House Model, giving our older youth an opportunity to teach and mentor our younger children under adult supervision. The Winter/Spring semester, “Are You As Smart as a Fifth Grader?”, is an opportunity for both children/youth AND their parents to learn about the basics of the Bible.

We believe that every aspect of church life can be used for learning.  Our children and youth learn from participating in worship, from reading the scripture to collecting the offering to greeting people at the door to singing.  Youth who are seeking an even greater challenge take on the significant role of worship leader.

The annual Christmas program typically incorporates the gifts of children and youth through artistic contributions, as well as participation in skits, singing and various instruments. Big Cove is extremely blessed to have children and youth who have been graced with many talents that they enthusiastically share. We are always excited to welcome new faces into the group.

The Youth Program also offers a dedicated time for youth to discuss current events and other special topics happening in the lives of teenagers. Also included are bible study and prayer, along with games, movies, music, ice cream trips and other enjoyable activities. Friends are always welcome! Check the church calendar for upcoming events.

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We are excited to announce the re-invigoration of the Adult Christian Exploration program!  We started off with a bang on March 1st with a discussion of “God’s Violence in the Old Testament”. We also had a mother-daughter team visit on March 15th to discuss their Muslim faith. Examples of some other intriguing topics in recent classes are shown below. Come check it out Sundays at 10 AM. And if there’s a topic you’d like to discuss, please let Debbie Book know. We’re all Christian “explorers” – come join us on the trek!

Other sample topics from recent classes:

  • “What Happens When We Die?”
  • “What kind of Christian Are You?” (questionnaire and discussion)
  • “Can Christians Believe in Evolution?”
  • “The Missing Pages of Luke”





Other opportunities for growth include:

    • Christianity Uncorked is our newest opportunity for exploration. It began as a new initiative in 2014 and we resumed it in May of this year. It takes place on the first Tuesday of each monthCurrent topics of interest, and Christian responses to them, are discussed while the participants enjoy a beverage or a meal during the discussion. Everyone is welcome to stay for fellowship afterwards, also. We meet 6-7 PM at El Omeca Restaurant on Hwy 431 near Hampton Cove. Come check it out. We’ll see you there!

    • Immersion happens on Wednesday evenings from 6-7 P.M. Geared toward adults (whether young, middle or seniors), this discussion group immerses itself in the study of the Word of God. Check the calendar for the topics of our upcoming studies.

    • Monthly Bible Study: second Saturday of each month at 9:30 A.M. Interested church members meet monthly to study scripture. David Lilly is the teacher and discussion leader. The lesson format is a line-by-line analysis and discussion of the book under study. The group prides itself on its diversity of opinion. You do not have to be a biblical scholar to attend; only an open mind is required. Fresh ideas are welcomed.

    • Presbyterian Women’s Circle Group and Study: first Monday of each month at 10 A.M. The women met for fellowship, study and service. Contact Gail Birdsong for more information.

    • Thursday Morning Prayer Group: Thursdays at 10 A.M. Part of Christian Education is the practice of prayer. The Thursday Morning Prayer Group meets weekly to pray for different needs and to learn more about prayer.

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