Ministry Teams

Let us work for the good of all!  (Galatians 6:10)
Ministry Team membership is open to anyone attending Big Cove Church.  All members are encouraged to pray about their talents and spiritual gifts, to seek guidance, and to be a part of a ministry team.

Worship Music Ministry
Outreach Thursday Morning Prayer Group
Congregational Care Property
Christian Education Presbyterian Women
Planning Ministry Finance Ministry
Building Personnel Ministry

The Worship Ministry Team is responsible for planning and implementing all aspects of the corporate worship of the congregation. This includes such activities as planning and scheduling special worship services; securing, training and scheduling worship leaders, readers and ushers; and assuring that the elements for Holy Communion are available. The Liturgical Arts Team is a subcommittee responsible for decorating the sanctuary for special services and seasons. The Worship Ministry Team consists of the Pastor, the Parish Associate, the Music Director, an Elder liaison (who may serve as chair person) and such other members of the congregation who agree to serve. The Ministry Team meets at least quarterly and more frequently if necessary. –Pastor Rosemary McMahan, Pastor Liaison
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Music Ministry
The Music Ministry enhances the worship experience through the use of song and instrument. – John Isom, 9 AM Lead; Carla Feehan, 11 AM Lead and Choir Director
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The mission of the Outreach Ministry is to take Christ into the community, as well as inviting others to “come and see” at Big Cove Church. – Debbie Book, Elder Liaison; Jeff Irons, Chair
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Thursday Morning Prayer Group
The Thursday Morning Prayer Group gathers each Thursday from 10-11 am to pray for the needs of the church and its members, to reflect on scripture, and to grow in the faith together, offering love and support. Anyone who is available to come at that time is more than welcome. If you have a prayer request, please fill out a prayer card and drop it in the offering plate or email it to Rosemary. We want to pray WITH and FOR you! –Pastor Rosemary McMahan, Contact
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Congregational Care
The Congregational Care Ministry provides oversight of Fellowship Events and welcoming new members, along with providing care to shut-in or ill members.–Vicki Waldrop, Pam Worthington, Deacon Leads.
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The Property Team is responsible for maintaining the current building, grounds and playground, keeping in mind this is the Lord’s house and should be inviting and accommodating to all. Duties include oversight of contracted janitorial and lawn services. This team is responsible for tasks to include, but not limited to light repairs, general property clean-up, gardening, maintaining flowers and shrubs around building, provide input and direction for decorating projects. Communication with the session is maintained through an elder liaison. This team has a small budget to address recurring minor purchases such as paint, flowers, shrubs etc. If you have a green thumb, an eye for decorating, or a knack for minor carpentry, plumbing, painting, etc and an interest in getting out on occasional Saturday mornings to do general sprucing-up of building and grounds, this is a ministry which may appeal to you. –Gary Bass, Team Lead
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Christian Education
The Christian Education Ministry is responsible for outlining Big Cove Church’s educational programs, recruiting and training teachers, and forming new opportunities for study and growth through book and Bible study. Ray Waldrop, Adult Christian Exploration Chair; Jodi Gallo, Children and Youth Christian Exploration Director; Todd Worthington, Student Ministry Liaison
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Presbyterian Women
The Presbyterian Women meet monthly for fellowship, study and service. –Gail Birdsong, contact
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Planning Ministry
The Planning Ministry is responsible for defining short and long term goals for Big Cove Church. They are responsible for formulating the steps to continue to reach out to others and to meet the physical and spiritual needs of a growing congregation. If you have an interest in helping to plan Big Cove Church’s future in all areas of growth, building, worship, and ministry, please see the pastor or Ryan Worthington. They will be putting together a group of visionary people interested in formulating a three-year plan for Big Cove’s congregation. –Ryan Worthington, Elder Chair
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Finance Ministry
The Finance Ministry is responsible for implementing ways to care for the church, its people, and the community through good and proper use of money, time, and talent. They meet on an as needed basis and make recommendations to the session on church expenses. In the fall they are responsible for the annual Stewardship program and for preparing a proposed annual budget for the session. They have been actively involved in implementing and monitoring the capital campaign for the new construction. –Dallas Ferneau, Elder Liaison; Dennis McMahan, Team Lead
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With the construction of the new building, the Building Ministry has been actively involved in the oversight of current building project and keeping the congregation apprised of progress. –Todd Worthington, Phase I Elder Chair; Dexter and Kay Gentle, Phase II Chairs
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Personnel Ministry
The primary role of the Personnel Ministry is to support the Pastor, in concert with church policies, in hiring and evaluating church staff members, and in other personnel actions as may be necessary. With input from other church members as appropriate, they perform periodic and annual performance evaluations of the staff. They conduct an annual evaluation of the Pastor with inputs from members, elders and deacons. They also make recommendations on position salaries and benefits, specific personnel salary increases, and bonuses. When it becomes neccessary to fill a staff vacancy, they establish position requirements consistent with church policies, advertise the position, seek recommendations from other sources, interview and rank candidates, and make a recommendation to the Pastor. If there is concurrence, the Pastor takes the rcommendation forward to Session if required. -Christie Finley, Elder Liaison; Ron Harris, Chairman
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